September 1, 2016

Batman: Arkham Knight Review

firstBatman: Arkham Knight has been one of the most anticipated games of the past couple of years. After a series of delays pushed the game from its original release date in October 2014 till now, is the game worth it? Is it a fitting conclusion to the Batman series that Rocksteady started?

The story of Arkham Knight is a very well-crafted thrill ride from start to finish with plenty of twists and turns. All of Batman’s friends and allies show up at some point in the story.  

The story itself is a revenge plot with a focus on dismantling Batman and making him suffer as much as possible. Scarecrow is working with a mysterious new foe called the Arkham Knight. Without spoiling the story, I will say that the Arkham Knight is well written until the reveal of who is really behind that mask and what their motivation was for causing all of this destruction.

It didn’t seem to be fully fleshed out. Scarecrow, on the other hand, felt scary and always a step ahead which led to an epic final confrontation that didn’t seem to go the way I had expected, which is a good thing. The rest of the characters all have their part to play and most of them have a great role that is very fleshed out.

Commissioner Gordon in particular has a role (that I won’t spoil here) that heats up the tension between him and Batman considerably. The gameplay on Arkham Knight is top notch. Batman’s combat and movement is amazing and quite exhilarating.

When locked in a room with 20 guys and you just annihilate them with different combos and counters. It really does make you feel like Batman, and no one can touch you.

The grappling hook and gliding features have been expanded, making it easy to glide from one side of Gotham to the other. It feels fluid and easy to use.

Also new to the series is the Dual Take down actions. As you fight with your colleagues (Man is it a treat to fight beside Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman, even Oracle gets in on the action in her own special way.) you can press a button to swap to that character and do a take down.

This spices up the fight sequences and add more depths to combo systems in play. New to the series this time around is the Batmobile.

Graphically this game is simply amazing. Batman himself looks amazing, the way the rain falls on his cape and drips down is incredible. Gotham looks like a real city in crisis.

The map itself for this game is huge and highly detailed. In my play-through on my PS4 Digital copy, I didn’t notice any major bugs or any other graphical issues that popped up. I did have one glitch midway through the game, where I respawned under the city and kept falling, however I just reset the game and that issue went away. Other than that everything seemed to look and work as it should. I also have to mention the music and sound of this game.

The game play has its hiccups with the Batmobile, but Batman himself is fun and satisfying to control whether it is gliding through Gotham, or taking out the villains of Gotham.

Graphically, this game is one of the best looking games of the year, the characters and city are amazingly detailed and the animations are crisp. It is also a game that should keep you coming back for more.

The season pass announced has promised plenty of content for the next 6 months, including a story DLC where you can play as Batgirl. Do yourself a favor and pick up this must play game!

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