November 2, 2016

Batman’s Telltale Series Review

img-first-1st-smallThe first episode of batman’s telltale series might not be the exact Batman you’re looking for, but it’s the Batman game that you need.

Because this is the game that manages to do everything that the game media tend to forget and that’s to take the emphasis away from the caped crusader and go beneath the mask and find out who exactly Bruce Wayne is.

This game isn’t just about punching guys in the face and bouncing around from enemy to enemy creating combos. This is a game, like all telltale series, with split second decisions that could impact on the entire outlook of the city of Gotham.

Decisions, decisions.

Are you going to shake Carmine Falcone’s hand and have everybody notice or are you going to be stern and have him take notice of how you’re not treating him well as other guests in your house? It’s this moment that had the hair on the back of my neck standing up while I was eager to get to the next piece of the conversation and see how my Bruce Wayne might differ from everybody else’s.

What I really enjoyed is the differences in gameplay. Of course being a telltale game you know you can expect a point and click adventure, and this is when you’re going to be doing the real detective work. Then afterwards, switch over to Bruce Wayne where you’re going to be making split-second decisions on all your conversations really pushing the envelope of who this Bruce character is. Offset that with Batman, who is of course going to get in there.


Everything Counts.

Every single decision you seem to make matters, and it’s really important that you don’t mess up because you only have one chance to do it right. Remember that there isn’t a quick save option in any telltale game. Now, of course, this being a Telltale game, people are going to want to know how does the game handle glitches.

So if you are worried about those micro stutters that we experienced in previous games from them, worry not because they are not here. The biggest complaint about this game that I could find is the voice acting. Something about it just doesn’t match with certain scenes, but overall it is pretty damn well done. Troy Baker as Batman is good, but I definitely like his Bruce Wayne a lot more than his Batman.

The story itself is going to have you deciding how exactly you are going to help Harvey Dent ascent to the rank of the mayor, and this is where the political intrigue in Gotham is going to come into play. Now without spoiling too much, I can tell you that you will get familiar faces from Batman’s history that pop up here and there.

All in all Telltale version of Batman is definitely something that you should try if you are a fan of Batman.

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