January 18, 2017

Best Android games for artists

If you love painting, sketching or drawing, then you will surely love these top android games that will let you draw, paint or sketch anytime you want.

It’s more convenient especially when you are travelling because all you need to do is to pull out your smartphone and begin drawing on anything that has come into your mind or you may have seen. 

It can also be a good way to introduce art to your young children especially if they are fond of using their tablets. Here is a list of the best Android games for artists.


One of the most popular android painting and sketching games is the sketchbook. You use the full screen of your tablet or smartphone where you can draw, paint or sketch. Aside from that, there are over 13 brushes that vary in colors and sizes for you to use. To draw in a more detailed way, you are allowed to zoom up to 2500%.

Not only that but to make your drawing more realistic, you can use the multi-layer working feature. For those artists who wanted to create a very detailed piece of art, then consider using the sketchbook.

There is a pro version of the game where you can enjoy using the additional features as well as the unlimited layers that you can apply, a wide range of colors and blending modes as well as over 100 brushes that you can also utilize.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

If you have used the Adobe Illustrator, then you will not find it hard to use the mobile game version of this complex game. It’s free but rest assured that it is full of features and tools that you can use to make a very detailed artwork. A wide range of brushes and colors are available as well as vector brushes, or you can use layers if you opt for complexity. Even if you have a small screen on your mobile phone, rest assured that you can still use everything and create an amazing artwork. To use the game, you have to sign in with your Adobe account for access.


This is another drawing game where you are given access to over 70 brushes that you can use for drawing, sketching or painting. Aside from that, there are also different palettes and line style that you can use to achieve the effect that you have in mind. This game also allows you to duplicate, multiple or merge different artworks from your gallery and in saving the file, you can easily export it to a Photoshop format to view after that.

Sketch Master

If you are looking for a sketching game that is very easy to use, then you should consider using the sketch master. It is perfect for beginners and children, and it offers over 7 brushes that you can use to create a piece of art in a very simple manner.

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